Courses to

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“This course is really good.  Very polished and a good blend of learning formats; I’m very happy with the assessment.”  Pharmaceutical Society Member

Introduction to HEEADSSS

“I really enjoyed the training and new learning. Great course and very relevant content; really enjoyed the role modelling activity – awesome!”  Midwife

What Comes After HEEADSSS

“A very helpful assessment for our family, church youth, and community; you were terrific!”  Youth Worker

Our easy-to-access courses give your professional development and learning journey a range of modalities to choose from. You can pick the course you need when you need it.

Whatever you choose, our expertise and passion ensure that your practice will experience a positive change.

With improved skills and confidence, you’ll be able to support children and youth more effectively, in the right way and at the right time.

5 Step Skills Survey

Our courses are responsive to your professional development and learning needs.
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“It was a very informative training programme and I feel it challenged and focused the organisation in a positive way to reflect in their direction with services offered. I have always disliked scenarios! Found a new passion today! Best thing was hearing the voices of youth. Total respect ladies.”

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