Improve your skills

in identifying the

health young people

may experience

Child Health and Wellbeing Literacy


Our Courses:

We have 4 courses to strengthen your skills when working with children. All of our courses are available individually or together as a Learning Pathway.

Child Health and Wellbeing options

HEARTS – an Introduction to practice – HEARTS is a framework that strengthens skills in identifying issues that may have an impact on a child’s health and well-being.

After HEARTS – introduces the learner to how best to bring the information from HEARTS together, and uses brief interventions to support the child and their parents, caregivers and family.

Child Health Literacy – The “Child Health Literacy” approach supports everyone in understanding and identifying signs and symptoms of common child health issues, and in knowing when and where to seek additional support when early intervention is needed.

Self care – Looking after you. This course is free with your learning pathway purchase.

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