Learn to quickly

identify areas of concern

and help children

and their families

access the right services

at the right time

Child Health Literacy

SureSkills-Face to Face Learning

Gain skills that equip you to:

  • Recognise signs and symptoms of child health issues.
  • Understand health literacy and how it relates to the role
  • Identify and demonstrate opportunities to improve the health of the children you work with.
  • Connect and network to community based health and wellbeing services.

Child Health Literacy approach:

However you learn, this 6 hour course provides a robust approach to improve the knowledge and understanding of child health, the signs and symptoms of common child health issues and where to seek further health and support.

Accreditation is being sought by Pharmaceutical Society NZ, College of Midwives, College of GPs and College of Nursing.

SureSkills-Face to Face Learning

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