Gain the skills

to further engage

and support children

and their caregivers

or families

What Comes After HEARTS

SureSkills-Face to Face Learning

Gain skills that equip you to:

  • Effectively demonstrate the HEARTS framework in your practice.
  • Bring the HEARTS information together to identify key points.
  • Integrate interventions into your HEARTS assessment to support the child and family.

The What Comes After HEARTS approach:

However you learn, this course provides an introduction providing ongoing support for children and families after completing a HEARTS assessment.

This structured approach helps provide brief interventions for children and caregivers or families, enabling them to make changes to support their health and wellbeing.

The course is designed for all people who connect and work with children who have completed our HEARTS – an Introduction for Practice course.

SureSkills-Face to Face Learning

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